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avenue -- murder on chesterfield avenue, a block away from another one. and shooting, party goers, just some of the things. we'll tell you about some of the viep leans. runners and walkers will lace up their shoes for a very good cause raising money for children with down syndrome. a local family talks about what the fund-raiser means for them. >> first, no complaints. beautiful day, mild, sunny, but you got to ask is this weather going to stick around? i'm hoping it will. let's check in with mike masco. >> i'll give you tuesday but i'll take wednesday. try to find a cloud in mt. airy. it is a beautiful shot. take a look at temperatures
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across town. ellicott city at 63. d.c. is at 64. northwest we're in the 60s. pretty comfortable 66 reading. if you're heading out to the game, 55 at first pitch. 9th inning, low 50s. keep it cool at 60 on the way t. 55 during the nighttime hour. tomorrow a crisp morning. we'll time out the wet weather. the forecast has a warming trend. that's coming up. beautiful weather for the orioles. a double header with the blue jays. they're trying hard to make their case in the post season. jamie costello is the biggest chore leader. jamie, what are the fans saying. i've seen so much orange than i've seen in years. >> let's be frank about this.
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these are the playoffs this week and next. that's a winner takes all. they're leading 4-0 as we go into the top of the 7th inning. i want to show you this line has been nonstop sense 9:00 this morning. it has been a long time since we have seen a walkup like this. we set shop up on the deck in center field where adam jones sent his 32nd home run of the year followed by a solo shot and steve johnson, five shutout innings. let's hear from the fans tonight. >> going to win the division. no wild cards. >> this just happens to be her first season as an o's fan. it's been a great season. we're excited. >> everybody's excited. let me tell you what the orals are doing.
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this is a catholic school. some 30 schools sent in pictures of their gyms, fields, class roms decorated. in third place halsted academy. jim johnson, the great reliever won the roberto clem men ti award. brooks robinson day coming up on saturday. so if you have a sun, a daughter, someone named brooks, get online with and register them. you might be able to sit close to brooks robinson. 4-0 the orioles. the yankees are in minnesota tonight. oakland plays in texas. we're' chasing the yankees tonight. back to you, kelly. >> i can tell that enthusiasm in your voice. keep it up. >> let's talk about another sport. the ravens are getting ready for the team to take on the browns
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to beat the new england patriots. it was a rematch of the afc championship game. it was a nail biter. smith scored two touchdowns for the ravens. this happened less than 24 hours after his younger brother died in a motorcycle crash. we told you again and again there's no such thing as free money, but we were wrong. just this one time we were wrong. thousands of marylanders are eligible for free money as part of the massive mortgage settlement. the money is for people who have been nor closed upon. if you're impacted, you would be giving a postcard -- be getting a postcard and letter from the attorney general's office. get the forms returned. you could be eligible for much more. >> it's not a lot of money but it's free money.
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it doesn't compromise their rights to bring claims. >> the legit letters had the attorney general's seal. want to see what they look like and phoned out, log on to you know, you pack your stuff. you watch it go away in a truck. now imagine having your stuff held hostage. it is a common scheme in the moving industry. we dig into the maryland company accused of holding people's items for ran some. some said this mover wouldn't deliver unless they paid hundreds or thousands more. she's telling her story as a warning for you. >> do your research. it's worth it. people are out there trying to
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take advantage of you. >> tonight at 11:00, we're going to dig into the hex of this maryland mover and find the horror story people have told to the feds about this company. >> in tonight's consumer alert, jumping up and down in the backyard trampoline may be tons of fun but doctors say it could be dangerous. the most common types include sprains, strains and contusion. the most dangerous ones affect the owed and spine. it seems the younger the child the more serious the injury. that's because their bones are softer and they hit the mat harder. pediatricians want parents and children to understand that moves such as the somersault can lead to spinal injuries, which could be final. the netted enclosures and padding do not reduce the risk of an injury. for more than 20 years thousands of runners and walkers
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lace up their shoes to raise money for the krieger institution down syndrome fund. one local family is a strong supporter of the bwi run. >> reporter: he still takes time to stop and smell the flowers. >> he's very easy going. >> reporter: his parents couldn't imagine life without him. 25 years ago when they found their son would be buried with down syndrome, things weren't that easy. >> it was more of being afraid of the unknown. >> reporter: they've learned so much since then. now they want to help others. since scott was born his family has participated. it's a four-mile run that helped raise money for kennedy krieger. both have made a positive impact. >> it warms our heart to be around other children.
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>> the other parents are able to clue us in on various therapies. if you have someone who is having the same life experience, it's a wonder testimony feeling. >> reporter: and a great experience for kids, even those without special needs. >> i would hope this opens their mind and broadens their experience and how they view people with special needs. >> his entire family hopes to make strides and support others. >> we're having a ball. >> reporting for abc2 news. >> got to sport efforts. 26th annual run/walk benefits the kennedy krieger institute's down syndrome clinic. it's at the mid-field cargo complex in linthicum. add news. another shooting, another life
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taken on chesterfield avenue. a man was shot to death sunday night a block away from last week's murder of an nih research, 51-year-old peter marvit. we told you about him last week. brian kuebler reports how both killings have left people unsettled. >> homicide detectives were back out in and around the 3000 block of chesterfield avenue while patrol officers stood in front of the house where a life was taken. a sight not exactly foreign to homeowners here. >> times have changed, you know. my opinion and i hope nobody takes this wrong, it has a lot to do with drugs, you know. >> reporter: and that is about all police know. sunday's homicide was about a drug deal and detectives believe they are looking for a pair of
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suspects. another case opens on chesterfield avenue as police look to close the murder just on the other side of bell hair road. nih researcher peter marvit was killed, no leads there. two murders within one week on either side of the road. >> we talked to officers, talked to community people. if you handle bel air road, you handle the northeast district. >> reporter: he said while all violent crimes in northeast district are down by nearly 20% this year, the area is still woefully undermanned. >> we have a 29% reduction in homicide in northeast baltimore, but that's a test to our great officers and the connection with the community, basically turning water into wine every day. >> reporter: in the short run scott wants to see or police
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monitor bell hair road and long term more officers added to the district to create more posts, an issue already brought up to incoming police commissioner anthony batts. >> i'm for the best of the neighborhood, you know. whatever they think of, i'm all for it. >> reporter: hoping to see more police and less yellow tape. in northeast baltimore, brian cube learn, abc2 news -- kuebler, abc2 news. >> neighbors plan to gather to watch the ravens game thursday night on an outdoor screen. it shows solidarity. an overflow crowd of more than 2,000 people set the stage for a clash with police in towson's business district. video captured by a witness caught a glimpse.
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ringing in k9 -- bringing in k9's. it drew more than four teams the capacity. >> with a crud that large, our officers did not have that large of a problem. we only had seven arrests. so these seem to be isolated incidents where officers were asking someone to leave. >> police arrested 23-year-old junior ramsey on a second assault charge and another pair of men. they face charges of assault on a law enforcement officer. another man turned away after suffering a gunshot wound. a car pulled up and someone fired several times from the window. a volunteer firefighter was hurt in a house fire. more than 50 firefighters
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battled the fire in the split level. they were battling a fire in a single family home in the 800 block of edge wood. the fire company emailed us some of the pictures. the firefighter has minor injuries. the cause is being investigated. they have a creative way to smuggle meat into dulles airport. the passenger from mon goal ja -- mongolia hid raw beef inside juice boxes. another woman from cameroon, meat was found in her luggage. that passenger was find. customs and border protection said it could have introduced disease in the u.s.
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the internet can allow anybody to set up a website. we will hee take a look at how scammers are targeting lawyers to provide legitimacy to their website. >> major news. the research could impact the way we treat the disease. >> a clear crisp night overhead but things will change. the storm apps over the rockies. we'll time the arrival coming up at 6:00.
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it really takes next to nothing to set up a website, a few bucks and a domain name and you can appear to be whatever you want. scammers know that and the feds
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say they're pretending to be lawyers in the most recent scheme. joce sterman explains how. >> reporter: in a courtroom it's an attorney's job to present the facts. according to the federal internet crime center a new scheme has hit the docket with scammers pulling names from real attorneys and using it to set up their own sham website. it happened to a texas attorney who hasn't practiced in years. a fake lawsuit was set up using her maiden name and bio. professional information is being used on the internet. they're warning people and putting attorney on alert. if you see your name being use bid someone, contact the fbi, local bar and maryland state
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police. joce sterman, abc2 news. in health fumes tonight it's a common problem but some children are embarrassed to talk about it -- constipation. signs and symptoms in children are difficult to spot. red flags may include a lack of appetite, stomach aches, bed wetting or long periods of time on the potty. >> people go on vacations. people are stressed. people don't want to use public toiletith children going to school or staying over friend's. >> the doctor said if constipation goes on long enough even growth and development can be affected, so it's important to treat it sooner rather than later. >> a new study, the largest of its kind looks at breast cancer
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on a genetic level it. maps out the origins by analyzing tumors from hundreds of patients. it breaks it down into four categories and in some cases acts like other cancers. they have to wait for the clinical trials. it's a process that can take up to 10 years or more. we want to remind you to get involved. the 20th annual race for the cure. you can call the number on your screen or head into komen md/2012. >> we'll take a look at havre de grace. beautiful shot as we're seeing the sun starting to set. a struggle to get out of the 60s today, so a pretty chilly
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afternoon north and west of town. here's the shot, chris tal clear. 66 degrees. bone dry humidity at 34%, a little bit of a westerly wind coming off the mountains at just about seven. these are your daytime highs. middle 60s downtown. 70s over the eastern shore, a pretty comfortable afternoon. 66 at the present hour. things are cooling down around the 8:00 hour. 65 around the 11 hour. 50s, low 50s to start your tuesday morning. here's what's going on. a little system over the lakes that's going to bring in high clouds mostly north of town. clear skies and the sunshine rings supreme. that's going to track into the midwest and start to move in our
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direction. so it's going to start with spotty showers and bringing in downpours wednesday afternoon going into wednesday night. temperatures still 70 in chicago. the heat toward dallas texas, 96 degrees. el paso at 89. the century mark over phoenix. it will bring in temperatures that will be in the 70s tomorrow and probably going to 80 for wednesday but we're going to trade off the warm temperatures with the chance of scattered showers. this is coming into play. that brings in the milder air. high pressure starts to erode. that will allow for the clouds to come. the clouds late tuesday. the showers will develop by wednesday. 48 in town tonight, mostly clear. cool chilly night. temperatures only getting into the 70s but on par for average. 75 for tomorrow. again, we'll be watching that system out over the west. you see the clouds developing
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over the rockies. we'll go to 80s but trading off the chance for scattered showers. 71 for friday. we'll talk scattered showers going into the weekend. a lot of question marks as to how strong that storm will be. coming up, more news after this. p [ male announcer ] today at kfc get our freshly delivered whole chicken
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freshly prepared by real cooks [ man ] t-5...4... with our own secret recipes. 3... taste for yourself why fresh is better. 2...1... mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded original recipe bites today.
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60 degrees for the o's game.
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more wet weather for wednesday. >> have a good one. anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia...
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casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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